ANAROCK Property Consultants

Creative Services


ANAROCK CREATIVE AGENCY (ACA) is an innovative brand communication partner for Real Estate Developers, offering comprehensive and indepth expertise in Marketing, Communication and Media Planning.
Together with The Think Tank Entertainment, we conceptualize, execute and showcase your brand through traditional, new and emerging media. Our capabilities span across marketing strategy, communication,  media planning to execution. 
With consumer intelligence at the heart of everything we do, we help brands win and retain their customers across all elements of the marketing mix.

•    25-member team, with 120 years of collective experience in Real Estate Marketing
•    Marketed 300+ real estate projects across Affordable, Mid and Luxury Segments 
•    Manage project  marketing across different stages of the Project lifecyle
•    20-25% increase in sales through end-to-end campaign management. 

With an exceptional team for Real Estate Marketing and Communication, we are a repository of knowledge and experience. At ACA, we follow a methodical approach to achieve the desired results through our 4-Step Method that helps deliver a superior brand and marketing experience.
1.    Analysing Project – Inventory & USPs including location advantages
2.    Identifying the Problem Statement
3.    Ideating the Communication Strategy
4.    Design Development, Deployment and Monitoring

1.    Strategic Planning 
a.    Market Intelligence
b.    Consumer & Media Research
c.    Brand Story
d.    Campaign Phasing
e.    Budget Allocation

2.    Communication Development
a.    Communication Thought
b.    Creative Concept
c.    Mood Boards

3.    Designing
a.    Campaign developement
b.    Collateral development
c.    Space Designs
d.    Site Office Experience

4.    Execution
a.    Above-The-Line & Below-The-Line Activation
b.    Media Planning
c.    Channel Partner Meets

5.    Consumer Research 
a.    Pen Portrait Analysis
b.    Net Promoter Score
c.    Brand Equity Research