ANAROCK Property Consultants

Corporate Governance

Manoeuvring long term lens to oversee our vision in the age of disruption.


We have a robust internal policy framework in place. Below are our corporate governance policies:

  • Healthy Board of Directors across all companies with periodic board meetings.
  • National Governing Committees – Core Executive Committee, Compensation Committee to drive operational decision making.
  • Advisory Board constituted for Capital Markets Business.
  • Robust internal policy framework.
  • Indian at heart and global in terms of internal governance standards.
  • Healthy Business governance matrix with business owners for each sub-vertical / geography.
  • Approval Matrix aligned with P&L matrix. Maker and Checker controls enabled in the system.
  • SAP by Design Cloud ERP for finance – Ensure Robust transaction accounting, Robust Taxes, Automation and Maker and Checker for each transaction.
  • Stringent and compliant Revenue recognition policies, where service completion and collectability are determined prior to revenue recognition.
  • Aggressive Bad debt provision mechanism – Revenue uncollected beyond 90 days from due date is provided @ 50% of AR and beyond 120 days from due date @ 100% AR, thereby protecting P&L.
  • Strong Legal & Compliance and Contracting framework.
  • KPMG - Statutory Auditors.
  • KPMG – Indirect Tax Compliance Advisors.
  • NA Shah – Direct Tax Advisors.